Markers Found Along SR 341

28 Mark Twain

As Noehill documents, this is an oddity amongst Nevada Historical Markers. The marker itself is mis-numbered (27 instead of 28) and the State Historic Preservation Office refuses to acknowledge the existence of a 28th marker. It was likely placed by a private party and made the SHPO mad.

100 years ago, in 1864, Samuel Clemens left the Territorial Enterprise, moving on to California and worldwide fame. He was a reporter here in 1863 when he first used the name, Mark Twain. He later described his colorful adventures in Nevada in “Roughing It.”

Nevada Centennial Marker No. 27
Plaque placed by James Lenhoff, 1964
Editor and Publisher
Territorial Enterprise

13 The Comstock Lode

along State Route 341 at Virginia City

Near this spot was the heart of the Comstock Lode, the fabulous 2 ½ mile deposit of high-grade ore that produced nearly $400,000.00 in silver and gold. After the discovery in 1859, Virginia City boomed for 20 years, helped bring Nevada into the union in 1864 and to build San Francisco.

Several major mines operated during the boom. Their sites are today marked by large yellow dumps, several of which are visible from here – the Sierra Nevada a mile to your left, the Union, Ophir, Con Virginia and, on the high hill to the southeast, the combination. The Lode was worked from both ends, north up Gold Canyon and south from the Sierra Nevada Utah mines.